00 – Introduction – Podcast Host, Wendy Marsman – Former Missionary To Brazil

Introduction – Podcast Host, Wendy Marsman – Former Missionary To Brazil

In this episode, Wendy Marsman introduces this new podcast and gives some background of growing up in a fundamentalist Evangelical church. She was a missionary for 15 years including 8 ½ years in Brazil. After a number of challenging events, she left religion at age 40. Wendy further discusses what led her to start this podcast for women who are finding freedom after Wendy Marsmanleaving authoritarian religions.

The name of this podcast is also the title of a book by author Dr. Karen Garst – Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion. The book features 22 women’s stories. Along with Karen’s encouragement and collaboration, Wendy used the title for this podcast as well.

Many women feel trapped, brainwashed and oppressed by fundamentalist religions. Starting the de-conversion process can be overwhelming. This podcast offers a non-judgmental environment and gives women dignity, self-worth and a voice. The podcast offers a platform to express frustration, anger and the loneliness that many feel when they leave religion. It also offers insights and encouragement for those who are learning how to live in a world that use to be off-limits to them. It can open up doors of opportunity for women who were from religious backgrounds where women’s voices were suppressed. Some of the guests are bloggers and authors and as their work is showcased, their writing can reach a larger audience. For others, just the act of sharing their story can give them validation that they hadn’t had before.  It is for free-thinking, humanist, feminist, agnostic and atheist women who together are Women Beyond Belief.

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