05 – Kristi Kiger – Social Justice, Theological Studies, and Community Health Nursing

Kristi Kiger – Social Justice, Theological Studies, and Community Health Nursing

Kristi Kiger was born and raised in Los Angeles. She grew up in a Presbyterian church, mostly socially as kids, and then her family stopped going to church. When she was in 10th grade, she went on a Memorial Day weekend trip to Mexico with the youth group. At that time decided to make her faith personal and got involved in church again.

Kristi KigerShe went on several international mission trips in high school and college and was involved in Young Life in high school, and Navigators and Intervarsity in college. During her last year in college, Kristi did an internship in DC with the International Justice Mission, a Christian human rights organization. While there, she started a yearlong Christian discipleship/fellowship program in Virginia. During that time, she interned at a faith-based community center in inner city DC. She stayed there for nearly a decade working with youth mentoring.

2nd Career

Kristi pursued her Masters in Theological Studies with an emphasis on Urban Transformation. However, with just one class and a thesis left to go, Kristi decided to stop and pursue nursing instead. In 2011, she went back to school for an accelerated nursing program at Georgetown and obtained her BSN.

After working in a hospital for a couple of years, she moved onto her current job at a community health center. The Center focuses on LGBTQ health and HIV prevention and care. During nursing school, she separated herself from the Evangelical church, mostly due to scheduling and workload. Later, she made the conscious decision to leave. Nursing school inadvertently caused a break away from her evangelical sub-culture, allowing Kristi some breathing room and space to think outside of the Evangelical framework.

When she started her second career as a nurse in her 30s, she also started to build a brand new community outside of the church. Kristi enjoys many outdoor sports, has many hobbies and generally tries to love and be loved.

Kristi’s email: kristi.kiger@gmail.com

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