11 – Mini Episode – Podcast Reviews, Future Guests

Mini Episode – Podcast Reviews, Future Guests11 - Mini Episode - Podcast Reviews - Future Guests

I decided to publish a Mini Episode this week for 2 reasons. First of all, I wanted to share some of the reviews that I have received for this podcast since it launched last month. Secondly, I want to talk about future podcast guests.


I wanted to share the following reviews. I have asked permission from these women to share their messages and emails.


I’m not “out” yet, so I have to keep this on the down low but I just wanted to say, you certainly don’t let the grass grow beneath your feet! When you were on the Everyone’s Agnostic podcast, you mentioned that you might like to start your own podcast–and here you are…already up and running! Congrats and all the best moving forward!. So grateful to have another great podcast in my line-up! Thanks for taking the leap! And I love that you’re focusing on women–we don’t hear enough from their perspective no matter how hard the male podcasters try. Like nearly every other aspect of our lives, it’s pretty much male dominated. You’re a rock star in my book! I have ideas and mull them over for WAY TOO LONG and by that time, I’ve lost interest. so I am serious when I say I admire that you said you wanted to do the podcast and that you followed through!

Tracy Barnes Nicholson

I listened to your pilot episode on the way home from work today. It brought tears to my eyes at the end. You have no idea how much it means to me that you are bringing women like us together and I have a community that validates my feelings and understands from the heart our unique situations. I hope to be a guest someday when I get enough courage! I don’t have a spectacular, out of the ordinary story, but it’s still a story. Thanks again for all you are doing for our community


I wanted to thank you so much for starting that podcast. I resonated so strongly with Ann Wilcox’s story and I’d love to be in touch with her. I could have said like 80% of her story myself; it’s so eerily similar. I also have strongly connected to the concept of self-compassion rather than self-love/care because of the sinfulness of “loving the self.” I’ve had to learn from scratch, too, that taking care of myself means I have energy to take care of other people. I used to have to try to get that from God somehow? And mostly I was just actually running on empty a lot of the time.



I’ve just listened to your first podcast. Wow! Well done! I admire your strength and determination and you are so articulate. I wish you all the best on this project. I hadn’t made the connection between my religious upbringing and my default thought processes. I’m still stuck in my brain with the rubbish my parents and the church made me believe. I have such a great fear of anything that I grew up thinking was wrong. I haven’t been to or involved in church/religion since I was 19 but didn’t realise that it’s still the platform with which I operate. My children are only 6 & 8 and I really hope that I can raise them to be open minded and not constrained by my religious hang-ups.


I’m so glad you are doing this podcast. It’s exactly what I need. I’m an ex myself. Its been a long journey and I guess I’m still on it, but I can relate to many of the things you’ve said here as I was raised in a traditionalist ultra Christian household and was a staunch hard believer through my early to mid 20s. I considered myself a traditionalist, and a true believer, but now I’m an anti-theist feminist. Stay strong! We need more like-minded women out there speaking out. Thank you for doing so.

THANKS to each of these women for their encouragement! I really want to help bring more women’s voices to the secular world and voices of women who are just finding out what it means to be non-religious. So any reviews and encouragement has been so wonderful.

I also would like to thank the contributors through Patreon and PayPal.


Thanks for listening!


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