12 – Women’s Panel (Zoe, Marcia, Sara) – Secular Parenting

Women’s Panel (Zoe, Marcia, Sara) – Secular Parenting

Secular Parenting

12-Women's Panel- Secular ParentingThis Women’s Panel is the first one for this podcast and the topic of this episode is Secular Parenting. I asked 3 of the former guests to join me in this discussion. Zoe Turner who is using a pseudonym was my guest on Episode #4. Marcia Wickham was interviewed in episode #6 and Sara who chose to only use her first name was interviewed on episode #9.

For this women’s panel, we had some unique backgrounds but also much in common including

  • We all started parenting while we were still Christians
  • 2 of us still have husbands who go to Church
  • 1 of us has children going to a Christian School
  • 3 of us have homeschooled our kids at some point
  • The age ranges of our kids is elementary school to early 30’s
  • 2 of us are in blended families

The 6 main Questions we discussed included:

  1. What family-of-origin parenting style did you experience?
  2. What does the Bible teach about parenting?
  3. What about corporal punishment?
  4. Where to you get your morals and ethics, if not from the Bible?
  5. How has your parenting style changed since leaving religion?
  6. How do you and your partner or husband parent together?

Resources on Secular Parenting – Website with books, blogs, videos etc.

Recovering From Religion Podcast- Episode #10 – Secular Parenting

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