17 – Brian Peck – Therapist and Coach at Room To Thrive

Brian Peck – Therapist and Coach at Room To Thrive

#MenBeyondBelief- Brian PeckClinical Social Worker

Brian Peck is a licensed clinical social worker in Boise, Idaho, who specializes in faith transitions and religious-based trauma. His practice, Room to Thrive PLLC grew out of a desire to reduce the suffering unique to faith transitions and to trauma experienced within a religious context.

In addition to providing clinical services, Brian offers online coaching for individuals navigating faith transitions. While distinct from therapy in its focus and approach, Brian’s coaching is informed by evidence-based principles and practices.

For the past several years, Brian has collaborated with fellow clinicians, researchers, and members of various post-theist communities on a new online venture that adapts evidence-based resources to the unique challenges of faith transitions. The Faith Transitions Project is about the whole person and infuses flexibility into a process where it’s often easy to get stuck.

Brian grew up in the Conservative Holiness movement and was deeply committed to his faith, traveling to China, the Philippines, and Honduras on missions trips. It was during a year of Bible college that Brian began to discover the many ways his religious faith no longer worked for him.


Originally from Pennsylvania, Brian now lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two boys where he enjoys spending time outdoors, sharing in conversations around the fire pit, enjoying a cup of home-roasted coffee, and living life as fully as possible.


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