27 – Dave Warnock – Ex-Evangelical Pastor Finds Freedom After 30+ Years As A Christian

Dave Warnock – Ex-Evangelical Pastor Finds Freedom After 30+ Years As A Christian

27 #MenBeyondBelief- Dave Warnock Women beyond BeliefDave Warnock became a born-again Christian at the age of 18. He is now an ex-Evangelical Pastor who left Christianity after over 30 years as a part time/full time minister. He and his wife have 3 children, 2 of whom have exhibited the “Good Christian” virtue of “Shunning the Sinner”, as they view their now-atheist father. This has been very difficult for Dave. After 6 years of living this difficult life and not being allowed to see his grandchildren, he decided to change his future after feeling like a “dead-man walking”. He took 2 months off in 2016 and made some big life-changes including deciding to leave his 37-year marriage.

Dave talks about the difficulty of family relationships, the challenges of divorce, the stress of being shunned, and the freedom found after choosing to move beyond belief. He challenges other men who have left religion to realize when habits of patriarchy, chivalry and misogyny get in the way of seeing women as equals.

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