29 – Debbie Allen – Secular Activist, Certified Humanist Chaplain, Retired Psychotherapist

Debbie Allen – Secular Activist, Certified Humanist Chaplain, Retired Psychotherapist

29 - Debbie Allen - Secular Activist, Certified Humanist Chaplain, Retired PsychotherapistDebbie Allen is a very active member in the secular movement. However, before her activism in secular causes, Debbie was involved in her Reform synagogue, serving on the board of directors and chairing several committees including Education, Social Action, Outreach to Interfaith, and Membership. She is a retired psychotherapist and had a private practice. She was also a research investigator in neuropsychology at the UCSD School of Medicine.

As the founder and local director of the San Diego Coalition of Reason Debbie helped grow the organization from 10 to 18 cooperative atheist, humanist and freethought groups over the past 8 years. This organizing is now one of the leading secular organization in southern California.

Among some of Debbie’s other activist rolls:
  • Past president of the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego
  • President of the San Diego Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Co-founder of the San Diego Recovering from Religion Meetup group
  • Founder of the San Diego Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers Meetup group
  • Member of the American Humanist Association board
  • Involved with the International Humanist Ethical Union and the Center for Freethought Equality
  • Camp counselor with Camp Quest for 2 summers
  • Co-founder of local Recovering from Religion support group
  • Board secretary of the Reason Rally Coalition
  • Executive Director of the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley
  • President on the board of the Humanist Society, an adjunct program of the AHA that certifies and educates Humanist Celebrants

Debbie is a certified Humanist Chaplain which helps her advocate for non-theists in the military. She established the first ever humanist meeting at a military base in San Diego, and volunteers at the VA hospital in La Jolla. In addition to the above activism, she has a special interest in creating easily accessible humanist education programs for children and families.

If anyone is interested in creating a humanist chapter in their area, Debbie would be happy to share her experience as a leader of various humanist and freethought groups. She has learned many things the hard way, and as the years go by, there are more and more resources for local groups that she things many people can take advantage of.

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