38 – Audio Blog 7 – Karen Garst – Early Women Atheists – Why Aren’t There More Women Atheists?

Audio Blog 7 – Karen Garst – Early Women Atheists – Why Aren’t There More Women Atheists?

38 - Audio Blog 7 - Karen Garst - Early Women Dr. Karen L. Garst is the author of Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion. She and I are working together to tell the stories of women who have left religion and why more should do so. Her book received reviews from Richard Dawkins, Valerie TaricoPeter BoghossianRebecca HaleJohn Loftus,Sikivu Hutchinson and others. The book is a collection of personal essays from 22 women from diverse backgrounds who tell their stories of leaving religion. From various Judeo-Christian traditions, they talk about the shame, guilt, and oppression religion imposed on them and how they freed themselves from its grip. She is also working on her second book which will be a collection of persuasive essays from women atheists, most of whom are already authors such as Valerie Tarico, Abby Hafer, and Candace Gorham.

Karen has a blog which can be found at www.faithlessfeminist.com.

This podcast episode is the 7th in a series where Karen records the audio version of her blog articles. In the first section, Karen talks about early women atheists in the 19th century in the U. S. This essay is based on the book by Annie Laurie Gaylor entitled “Women without Superstition: No Gods, No Masters.” It features Anne Hutchinson, Ernestine L. Rose, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. We owe them a great deal for paving the way for us.

In the 2nd section of this episode, Karen talks about how the “New Atheism” movement started out with four prominent men dubbed the Four Horsemen. She then outlines some of the reasons more women are tied to their churches in general than men. She hopes that more women atheists will speak out and become part of the non-religion movement.

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