22 – Emily Karp – Co-Host of Recovering From Religion Podcast

Emily Karp – Co-Host of Recovering From Religion Podcast

 Emily Karp Women Beyond Belief Podcast

Emily Karp is a 27-year-old asexual atheist living in Maryland. She co-organizes the Mid-Atlantic Non-Religious Millennials meetup group, co-hosts the Recovering from Religion podcast, and also volunteers on Recovering from Religion’s phone & chat helplines.

 Emily found the journey to figuring out and accepting her sexual orientation, for her personally, was much more difficult than the journey to atheism! (She adds that coming out as asexual tends to be more difficult, too.)

While her asexuality was not the subject of this podcast ep, and she was lucky to avoid Evangelical Christianity and Purity Culture, she personally is very sympathetic to aces who have had more complicated struggles with religion and purity culture. Emily recommends checking out this zine. And anyone curious to learn more about asexuality is welcome to email Emily (contact info below).

She grew up with divorced parents, mainly living with her mentally ill, abusive, ostensibly Catholic mother, and she and her brother were raised in Catholicism. Her father, who was always a part of her life as well, came from a Jewish background. For Emily, the questioning started young. She doesn’t think she ever really had faith, fully believed in God or that heaven was real or that Catholicism was correct. For a long time, she didn’t know it was an option to choose “none” as the answer to what religion you were affiliated with. So, she kept trying to believe. She chose not to be Confirmed at age 14.

Immediately after taking a World Religions 101 course in her sophomore year in college, Emily officially declared herself an atheist a month before her 20th birthday. At that time she also discovered and joined the New Atheist movement with excitement, passion, and relief!

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