A Podcast For Women Moving Beyond Religion.

Hosted by Wendy Marsman, a former evangelical missionary to Brazil, the Women Beyond Belief Podcast features interviews with women who have left religion.

The name is also a book title by author Dr. Karen Garst – Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion featuring 22 women’s stories. Along with Karen’s encouragement and collaboration, Wendy used the title for this podcast, which features interviews with women who have left religion.

For women who felt trapped, brainwashed and oppressed by fundamentalist religions and started the de-conversion process, this podcast can help. It is a non-judgmental environment and can give women dignity, self-worth and a voice. Many women who have grown up in a religious background have been accustomed to suppression and inequality. There were 3 episodes where men were interviewed, men who encourage women’s equality.

It is for free-thinking, humanists, feminists, agnostics and atheists who want to champion Women who are Beyond Belief.

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NOTE: The Logo was designed by Sarah Nicholson.

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